Manufacturing machinery means that Gimax is continuing in its tradition of innovation and quality in harmony with its production ideals.

This confirms that Gimax is moving towards greater diversification to respond to specific requirements of its customers, and consequently offer them:

Maximum performance
Thanks to the precision and quality of machining combined with optimum automation, Gimax can provide continued efficiency with a reduction in work times and an improvement in its production cycle.

Continuity in productivity over the years.

Constant assistance during the entire life of the machinery.

Maximum flexibility to satisfy specific needs with customised products.

For years Gimax has been pursuing policies aimed at improving the values ​​related to environmental issues. This includes technological innovations with a lower environmental impact and greater energy savings consequently raising the quality level of its production cycle.

Gimax works with the most qualified suppliers within the Veneto region of Italy, thus creating an added value to the production process.

All Gimax machinery is manufactured to meet “European Directives” (CE) and additionally norms that are current in the country of destination (UL, CSA, etc.).


Gimax wire handling machinery sets the standard in our industry, whether it is a complete installation or just individual machines.
The range of different products reflects the maximum attention we employ to guarantee the success of our customers.

We maintain our position as leader in our market helping our customers satisfy their requirements with products that are technologically advanced, durable and reliable over the years. And of course, our machinery is designed and manufactured to meet “European Directives” CE and additionally norms that are current of destination (UL, CSA, etc.).

Gimax can offer complete solutions for the drawing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, starting from the rod to the finished product:

  • low, medium, and high carbon steel
  • all different type of stainless steel alloys
  • alluminium alloys
  • copper and silver based brazing alloys