The rod itself has a considerable amount of surface calamine that will not only effect the final quality of the wire but also the life lasting of dies and lubricant.

Proper control and handling in these areas ensures quality and cost of the finished product and the design of these processes impacts the economics of the operation.

The “SCA” DESCALER has 2 sections both completely enclosed within one single housing. The first section removes scale using the reverse bending principle, winding the wire over 8 rolls, 4 on a vertical plane and 4 on a horizontal plane.
The second section utilizes rotating brushes to cleanse the wire of remaining rust particles on the surface.

Types of wire Low and medium carbon steel
Rod diametersr Up to 6,5 mm (0,26”)
Tipe of pulley Tungsten Carbide
Pulley dimension 90 mm and 110 mm (3,5″ and 4,3″)
Calamine powder cleaning By means of 2 motorized brushes and a box with steel wool and jet of air
Calamine collection Drawer under the steel machine frame
Maximum line speed 5 meters/sec. (1000 fpm)

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