The RAM coppering tank is a high performance chemical coppering tank designed to handle a single wire. RAMs are generally integrated within a drawing line but can also be supplied as a separate entity or with independent pay-off and take-up as a stand-alone coppering line.

There are two different version based on the maximum achievable speed.
The first version, RAM, is a compact multi section tank with a deep bath process where the pulleys are submerged in the liquid and the maximum speed 18 m/s (3500 fpm).
The other version, RAM-HS, is a multiple tank line designed for high speed up to 33 m/s (6500 fpm), where the washing and rising are done with the liquid flowing against the direction of the wire.
Moreover, the RAM-HS coppering sections have all the mechanical parts outside the bath in the order to lengthen the life of components against corrosion and deterioration.

PP or AISI 316L for durability and safeguard against corrosion
Minimum maintenance required
Available with different number of sections
Completely enclosed for safety
Indipendent pulleys with ceramic inserts
Rotating skin-pass die at wire exit
Electric heater incorporated in coppering bath

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Maximum speed 18 m/s (3500 fpm) 33 m/s (6500 fpm)
Wire diameters From 0,8 mm (0,031”) up to 2,4 mm (0,094”) From 0,8 mm (0,031″)
up to 1,6 mm (0,094″)
Tank 5 or 7 segments with overfill drain hose – AISI 316L (PP on request) 3 independent PP section for washing, coppering and rising
Heating Electric Electric
Skinpass die Rotating electric motor powered Independent unit required


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