Gimax is very active in the steel welding wire industry,but there are some specialised non-ferrous wire that require more specific machinery, in particular aluminium wire.

The shaving process is an important aspect in the production of aluminium or other welding wire alloys and is extremely important in removing the oxide that forms on the surface of the wire.

Maximun access and ease of operation rendering machine user friendly

Reduction of downtime and maintenance costs thanks to ease of access, use of materials and design concepts

Miximun configurability to reduce: vibrations, increase productivity, increase quality, through integrated systems allowing full machinery adjustments

Perfect alignment with capstan increased in size to ensure consistency in wire characteristics

Use of appropriate materials to avoid any damage or markings to wire surface


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Types of wire Stainless steel, aluminium alloys wire
Wire diameters From 1 mm (0,040”) up to 5 mm (0,197”)
Shaving heads Up to 2 Shaving Heads with motorized chip-breaker and fully adjustable die holder
Lubrication / cooling Total flexibility to customize lubricant and refrigerant circuits
Pulling capstan Ø 650 mm polyurethane coated up to 45 kW power motor
Mechanical line speed 15 m/s (3000 ft/min)
Optionals  Decanting tank for coolant recycle – Shavings collector


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