Shortest Cycle Time thanks to
Shortest Ramp times
Fastest Respooling speed
Limited Downtime


The POLI series is by no means an icon relating to past markets, but is in actual fact still a standard for quality, excellence and productivity. Today it stands out among its competitors, and compared to data that emerges from research in similar products that come from developing countries, the numerous advantages the POLI offers are obvious.

The POLI can achieve a productivity at least a third higher compared to some emerging market respoolers.


Results based on the same operator spool change-over time and minimum required quality wire and spools characteristics.
* 30m/s top speed – 20s acceleration-deceleration ramps ** 20m/s top speed – 30s acceleration-deceleration ramps

This implies that the same productivity is obtained with 2 POLIs as opposed to 3 of the other machines, 2 operators instead of 3, one less machine to maintain and one third less of the floor- space occupied!

Gimax respoolers have another distinctive feature – since before the turn of the century, these machines have been equipped with systems to recover energy.
The respooling process has continuous moments of acceleration and deceleration.
Thanks to the innovative concepts utilized electronically, it is possible to recover kinetic energy during the moment of deceleration, which generally lasts as much as the acceleration.


The capability to recover and return energy to the network can potentially allow considerable savings in terms of energy since the energy supply is not dissipated in the form of heat when the brake is applied to slow down the machine.

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