The primary feature of automatic machinery is that its degree of productivity always remains constant throughout its period of operation, it is not affected by fatigue, or shift changes or pauses that typically identify its human counterpart.

The advantages of a fully automatic with respect to a semi-automatic or manual respooler become even more evident if you take into account the productivity of the operator.
The number of machines for maximum efficiency is four automatic respoolers supervised by one single operator, and it is immediately apparent that the reduction of manpower is considerable even over one single shift.
Considering three daily shifts: from an average of TWELVE operators required by the four semi-automatic respoolers (4 for each shift), down to just THREE (one for each shift) in the case of Gimax fully automatic respoolers.

The capability to recover and return energy to the network can potentially allow considerable savings in terms of energy since the energy supply is not dissipated in the form of heat when the brake is applied to slow down the machine.

As well as all this, an automated respooling process will significantly reduce the risk of accidents to the operator. It should also be pointed out that the high manufacturing standards render these machines highly productive for the duration of their very long life.

All the conditions indicated above can vary depending on the type of material that the machinery has to handle, on the ability of the operator, on the settings of the machine, on the level and quality of maintenance, on the type of reels, wire baskets and spools used.

Consequently, in countries like Italy where labour costs are particularly high, the difference in the investment required when compared to semi-automatic machinery, is recovered in a very short time!

Gimax respoolers have another distinctive feature – since before the turn of the century, these machines have been equipped with systems to recover energy.
The respooling process has continuous moments of acceleration and deceleration.

Thanks to the innovative concepts utilized electronically, it is possible to recover kinetic energy during the moment of deceleration, which generally lasts as much as the acceleration.

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