“REV” when the requirement is a dedicated automatic respooling line for small spools.

When respooling wire onto small spools, it is essential to achieve high productivity with minimum manual labour.

Precision layer and random winding
Innovative systems to hook wire (for “difficult” wires to handle)
No operator required for normal machine operation (1 operator controls 4-5 machines)
Siemens control system
Touch screen user interface and ethernet connection
Regenerative inverter for energy saving

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Types of wire Low carbon steel, stainless steel, flux cored wire, aluminium alloy wire, brazing wires
Wire diameters From 0,8mm (0,032”) up to 2,4mm (0,094”)*From 0,8mm (0,032”) up to 5,0mm (0,196”)**
Type of spool Wire baskets, plastic spools (with or without grooves), fiber spoolsWire baskets, plastic spools (with or without grooves), fiber spools and coils (with or without liner)
Spool flange size 100mm (4”) 200mm (8”)
Max. line speed 20 metres / sec (4000 feet/min)
Pay-off reel sizes Up to 700kg (1500lb) with flange size 760mm (30“)
Up to 1000kg (2200lb) with flange size 800mm (32“)

*5356 aluminium alloy or similar

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