The lifting table raises the pay-off reel allowing it to automatically align the bore of the reel with the pintles on the pay-off.The lifting table assembly is composed of a table, a driven screw to lift the table, an electric motor, induction sensor to adjust the lifting height, mechanical limit switch and a pneumatic jack.
The function of the annealer is to “soften” the wire, the unit first heats and then cools the portion of wire that will be cut at the end of respooling cycle, one part for the end hook on the spool, and the other for the initial hook on the next one.It was designed with the following objectives:- To be able to cut particular alloys with a high tensile strength reducing the wear and increase the life of the cutting blades- To be able to bend very fragile cored or tubular wires without breaking th
The semi-automatic respoolers can be equipped with a group to recover welding wire coming from drums or spools / wire baskets that have not been successfully or correctly completed.
In order to straighten the wire adequately, the wire straightener assembly is composed of two straightening elements, one acting on a vertical plane and the other on a horizontal plane. Each element has a fixed set of rollers, and a moving set that is activated manually – all the rollers are mounted on bearings. Different types of straightening rollers can be supplied according to the size and characteristics of the wire itself.
The small spool spindle is an accessory specifically for semi-automatic respooling lines designed for use with small plastic spools from 100mm to 200mm (4” to 8”) flange diameter (D100, D115, D200).
This is an accessory specifically for drum packing lines and intended for the lubrication of metal alloys that may prove difficult to coil in a drum.The group is composed of a pump immersed in a tank, a small storage tank, and an airtight container enclosing the wire straighteners which are used to spread the lubricant over the wire.
The function of the compactor is to eliminate the need of an operator during the winding of the first layer on the spool. Thanks to its combined action with the traverse and with the first roller mounted on the wire straighteners, the wire is compacted in an appropriate manner automatically. The group can be used for wire baskets and plastic spools.
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