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The static coilers are made to accumulate a high volume of wire at the end of a draw bench at a very high speed. Coilers can also be possibly supplied with a nonstopping change over system.


  • The MSO/MSV can be either horizontal or vertical axis.

  • Coilers can be drawing or non-drawing.

  • Inlet diameter between 1mm and 5mm.

  • Capstan from 300mm up to 700mm with single or double deck.

  • Tungsten carbide or ceramic coating capstan.

  • Possibility of multiple rotating table for rosetting pattern and coil fast change.

Static coiler for wire

Model MSO

Static coiler for wire

Model MSV


The MRV is driven, rotating down coiler that can be applied at the end of a processing line or can even be supplied as a “stand-alone” system with its own pay-off (as in photo). It can be connected directly to a drawbench or to any form of wire treatment (annealing, cleaning, etc.).

The MRV is equipped with its own dancer, driven capstan, control panel, and can coil the wire into drums or onto stems or as free-standing coils.

The MRV can be used with different types of wire (solid steel wires, tubular or flux-cored wires, non-ferrous wires) as well as with cables.

The MRV is equipped with:

  • Driven capstan, diameter ranging from 300 to 700mm with U or V groove.

  • Capstan surface hardened to 60 HRC and coated as option.

  • Wire diameter that can be used from 1,0 to 5mm.

  • Drawing die can be applied as an option to the coiler.

  • Coiler can be fitted with a video camera and display (for use generally with drums).

  • Continuous cast adjustment control.

  • Precise weghing control system by means of load cells.

  • Bumping system to compact wire.

Down coilers machine

Model MRV

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