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All the individual machines or lines that Gimax supplies can be linked to form complete installations in different combinations.

Turnkey projects – from the beginning of an industrial process all the way to the end or any point in-between

Customization – individual machinery or lines adapted to suit a particular requirement, technical or otherwise

Special applications – always ready to examine new developments with new or existing machinery

Know-how consulting – transfer of information based on experience acquired in the industry

Expertise – over 44 years of experience in designing and manufacturing reliable, innovative machinery

Refurbishing – regenerating Gimax machinery to the same high standard as new machinery

Our Services

Our services


Turnkey projects

We are at your disposal to offer you the best solution from the beginning of an industrial process all the way to the end or any point in-between.



Do you need individual machinery or lines adapted to suit a particular requirement technical or otherwise?

No problem we can find the solution that best suits your needs.



Do you have one of our machines at the end of its life? We can refurbish Gimax machinery to the same high standards as new machinery.

"All Gimax equipment is designed and manufactured to guarantee maxium safety in appropriate working conditions without affecting the productivity of the machinery."
Industria 4.0 Gimax

Gimax Industry 4.0

The basic system determined and implemented in all the GIMAX applications is based on SIEMENS components using the engineering and development environment known as “TIA Portal” and all components are interconnected in a network based on “Industrial Ethernet” and protocols belonging to the “PROFINet” family and “SIEMENS SIMATIC S7”.

This architecture allows the creation of programmes, setting criteria, control, verification, debugging and data exchange in a fully transparent manner even in the case of remote connections Gimax R&D within “Industry 4.0” has substantially followed three distinct areas, with particular emphasis on:

  1.  Hardware and Software architectures to render GIMAX applications easily adaptable to the use of systems that achieve “Industry 4.0” operations.

  2. Hardware and Software architectures for remote assistance and service aimed at controlling, debugging, maintaining and verifying GIMAX applications installed in customers’ facilities that are connected to those engineering tools and service that are present in GIMAX.

  3. Hardware and Software architectures to ensure that GIMAX applications are as ”open” as possible to allow interfacing and data exchange with external systems both physical and “cloud” based – this is to guarantee a practical data exchange required in the remote control of the system, in remote maintenance, to optimize resources and in tracking products that have been manufactured in lines that include Gimax systems.

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