Skin-pass_livelli_web-250x288 The MBSP skin pass block is a separate single block with its own capstan, dancer arm and rotating die holder or cassette.
It has the same characteristics and features of a capstan block of a draw bench. It can be manufactured with capstan on a vertical or horizontal shaft.
  The MBS bull block stripper  type is a single or final block that collects the wire directly on a coil on top of the capstan.
The wire can be drawn, straightened or cleaned during the process.
  The MBDD is a double deck capstan single or final block used to straighten or clean the wire befor the spooling process.


Skin Pass – MBSP Stripper – MBS Double Deck – MBDD
Types of wire Ferrous and non-ferrous Low, medium, high carbon & stainles steel
Maximum inlet diametersr Up to 2,5mm (0,098″) for ferrous alloys and
3,oomm (0,12″) for alluminum alloys
Up to 15mm
Up to 15mm (0,59″)
Applicable device Dry or Wet drawing Drawing and Straightening
or cleaning device
Drawing and Straightening
or cleaning device
Capstan 300/500mm tungsten carbide or
ceramic coated
tungsten carbide or ceramic coated
Maximum reduction From 10% to 30% depending on avaiable torque and material reduction and material tensile