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Discover all our innovations at Düsseldorf WIRE show

Gimax will be present at Wire Düsseldorf show.
See you at hall 10 stand B18

A constant desire to ensure the highest degree of reliability, efficiency and productivity has always ensured GIMAX a leading position in the wire industry when it comes to supplying machinery.

As always, the WIRE exhibition in Duesseldorf is an opportunity to appreciate the innovations that GIMAX has accomplished more recently, to see the machinery and talk to its team at the show.



New interesting functions to the ROBO auto-respooler to automate size and format changeover.

New system to tie off the wire at the end of the spool on the REV auto-respooler for small spools, as well as a totally new discharge system.

The semi-automatic respoolers show new updated electronic systems to handle the tailstock.

GIMAX respoolers become even more efficient and user-friendly than before!



GIMAX drawbenches (single and multiple block) are foremost in technology when it comes to wire processing. Efficiency and versatility are the key words since the GIMAX range covers dry and wet benches – dry benches with horizontally or vertically mounted capstans, tilted or not, with or without dancers and a range of capstan sizes to cover most applications.



To its range of take-ups, pay-offs and coilers, GIMAX has added a new model, the MRV to coil wire with a progressive control of cast as well as vibration and weighing when coiling into drums. Ideal not only for bare wire, but also cables…..


Discover GIMAX

The Düsseldorf WIRE show in April is the ideal opportunity to discover all the innovations that GIMAX has to offer.

In Hall 10, stand B18, you will  be able to meet and talk to the GIMAX team, to participate in machine demonstrations and to learn more about our technology in wire processing.

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