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Gimax to present the new fully automatic respooler for small spools

Gimax srl, a world leader in the field of wire respooling and handling, is pleased to introduce the new REV, an updated fully automatic respooler. The machine, specifically designed for continuous high volume production, can accommodate plastic spools with OD of 100 mm (4”) and/or of 200 mm (8”).

The line can handle different types of wire with a tensile strength similar to steel. The respooler does not require the presence of any operators as it can automatically position the empty spools into the machine and unload the finished spool at the end of the process, in addition to other automatic operations such as wire cutting, tying on and off, and respooling.

A rotating carousel moves the spool to a new position, according to the specific function required – spool feeding, respooling, and unloading – resulting in a highly-increased productivity, according to the number of spools per hour.

Characteristics of the respooler:

• selectable precision layer or random winding;

• plastic spools of 100 mm (4”) and/or 200 mm (8”);

• patented large spool storage by Gimax design, up to 672 empty 100 mm spools;

• reduced downtime for the spool change;

• long production run, thanks to the reduced downtime and large storage;

• high productivity of over 100 spools per hour (100 mm spools);

• flexibility, as the machine can tie on and off different types of wire to the spools - bending, hooking, or with the patented Gimax system that makes use of a sonotrode (ultrasound);

• the operator is needed only during the machine set-up and for the pay-off reel change to make sure that the empty spool magazine is well stocked.

Gimax corporate staff will be glad to answer any questions at the next Interwire trade fair, from May 9 to 11 in Atlanta (stand No. 1134), and at Wire Eurasia, in Istanbul from May 24 to 27 (stand 511C, hall 5).

Don’t miss them.

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