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Interwire Trade Exposition 2023

As in the past years (before Covid), Gimax will be present at the INTERWIRE show held in Atlanta in May with a booth in the Italian Trade pavilion….. but Gimax can also be found on the “Cable Consultants Corp.” booth, official and exclusive representatives for the USA and Canada.

Why visit the Gimax at the show?

Because Gimax has been producing machinery for the wire industry for over 44 years and continues to do so with its company philosophy that has always combined customer requirements with innovation and quality.

What can Gimax offer its customers?

  • Technologically, and also in terms of functionality and usability, the most advanced machinery in our industry sector.

  • the most up-to-date electronic controls and regenerative systems.

  • Low energy requirements in general and an increased life in machinery wear parts.

  • Production life of its machinery goes well beyond 15 years.

  • Unceasing customer support all over the world.

  • Regular field service and spare parts are guaranteed in timeliness, quality and convenience….spare parts have an impact on the productivity, life and safety of machinery.

  • Timely support that means competence and ready availability of parts and service engineers.

  • An in-house stock of all the major components and parts for the machinery.

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