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Dry and Wet Drawbenches

From copper based brazing wires, aluminum welding alloys, cobalt flux cored wire to titanium fine wire, stainless steel...these are just some of the special applications that Gimax s.r.l. drawing equipment has handled over the past 5 years. The machinery used has been both the TRS wet drawbenches (spray type, not immersed) as well as the TRD dry drawbenches (with both vertically and horizontally mounted capstans). All these drawbenches are non-slip with individual motors for each capstan, with dancer arms to finely tune the speed of each capstan, with liquid cooled capstan and die boxes, with rotating standard or pressure dies, with both wire diameter and individual die wear control in real time, as well as a host of other options, from skin pass blocks to double decks to different types of take-ups (single block driven coilers, reel take-ups, static drum or stem coilers, etc.). The high productivity of these banches line does not depend solely on the line speed (which can even be in excess of 6000 feet / minute or 30 metres / second) but also on the reduced maintenance costs, extreme ease when threading wire through machine, maximum accessibility to all components, etc.

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