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TRD Dry Drawing!

Over 42 years of experience in welding wire machinery including specific experience in the production of wire means that Gimax engineers can offer our customers complete knowledge of the entire process of wire manufacturing. With the inclusion of drawing equipment into the range almost 10 years ago, and the subsequent redesign has led to the introduction of a range of “TRD” dry drawing equipment, available with vertically or horizontally mounted capstans – non-slip (with independently driven capstans),with the possibility of tilted or horizontal capstans, rotating and / or pressure dies, water-cooled systems, etc. The capstan diameter can vary from 300mm up to 1200mm depending on the application and diameter of wire, and certain lines can reach a mechanical line speed of 35 meters/second. Most lines are also equipped with laser wire diameter control, and phonic wheels fitted to the dancer arms allow the integration to this of die wear control, with relative warnings and alarms. Pay-offs and take-ups can be of numerous types, for coils of different sizes, or for stems or for reels. Gimax engineering is in a position to study and adapt or customise a design based on specific customer requirements.

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