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Gimax: active environmental policies for a responsible production

The Gimax group designs and assembles machinery for welding wire and related industries, characterized by cutting-edge technology and high quality, low energy consumption, and wear-resistant components. Thanks to its efficient customer care service and a wide array of replacement options, Gimax products enjoy a longer lifespan, compared to its competitors, on average in the 20-30 years range.

Recently, the firm has been working on integrating an eco-friendly accountability program regarding its production processes. The goal is to reduce its environmental impact and

consolidate a business ethos geared toward safeguarding the environment.

These are the concrete steps taken so far:

- the installation of solar-powered facilities, with a power output capable of satisfying and even exceeding the company’s energy needs, with the prospect of becoming completely self-sufficient in the near future;

- the modernization of the company’s working spaces to increase energy efficiency through better insulation, heat recycling, and energy-efficient AC units;

- stringent policies regarding waste recycling and disposal, thanks to certified operators in the field of the reprocessing and regeneration of materials.

- the expansion of the company’s in-house production departments, allowing for a rearrangement f the working spaces to reduce logistical inefficiencies and costs caused by pointless transport of items.

Such spatial transformation has allowed Gimax to design, manufacture, and assemble its own machinery, thus achieving a full in-house production process. Gimax is proud to figure among the very few firms capable of controlling each production step, from the development phases to the purchase of raw materials, through the various processing categories: welding, mechanical processing through CNC machinery, painting, mechanical and electrical assembly, as well as testing and trial runs.

Gimax also promotes environmental sustainability through the supervaluation of used equipment. With this initiative, Gimax aims to encourage recycling machinery components, such as carpentry, without compromising plant performance. The choice to adopt this policy is up to the customer and is promoted to reduce the environmental impact of production. Gimax fully absorbs the increased production cost resulting from the promotion, thus encouraging the scrapping or remanufacturing of equipment.

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