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Gimax does all that is necessary to ensure optimum customer service.

August is now over and still Covid continues to haunt us, with many international borders still closed and other limitations in travel. Gimax has been using this period to the advantage of its customers by continuing to commission machinery using remote, digital systems. This use of augmented reality, which we announced back in March, has already been put to good use several times since then with a total of 10 complete lines having been commissioned worldwide. 

We recently started up machinery in Russia and India, and shortly 3 other lines in the USA and Canada will also be commissioned using augmented reality, with several more scheduled for the latter part of this year.

Today it is essential that Gimax continues to offer a complete and timely service, to cater for a variety of requests and ensure prompt assistance. Augmented reality has enabled our service engineers to work alongside our customers in real time, to follow all the phases both in installation and start-up of machinery, and to guide the machine operators. Only this way can we provide assistance and service within the time required, and so ensure maximum continuity in the customer’s production.

Remote service is something that we guarantee the moment a customer purchases Gimax equipment.

We also provide video material and documentation in support of this, to ensure a continuity in operator training, as well as remote individual “lessons” for those directly involved in the operation of our machinery.

Gimax does all that is necessary to ensure optimum customer service.

Gimax's customer service
Gimax's customer service
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