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The growth of the POLI respooling family.

The POLI is probably the oldest machine manufactured by GIMAX, designed at the start of the Gimax’s career, upgraded and updated regularly over the years, with different versions appearing to handle different applications, an today still going strong with a few thousand sold over the past 32 years.

Today the POLI is a family of respoolers, and as the name implies, it is extremely flexible, capable of handling almost all possible respooling applications. The different versions that have been designed and added recently mean that there is always model that can handle a customer’s requirements.

From the basic machine to wind small diameter wire onto 4 to 12 inch OD plastic spools, fibre spools and wire baskets, to the “SAW” version for sub arc welding wire, large diameter wire onto larger wire baskets or coils (up to 17”). Then the newer “SAW 80 0” version to wind large diameter wire on large 32” wire baskets or make 32” plain coils. Followed by the “SAW 400” that has a widened frame to be able to handle up to 16” OD wire baskets (or spools, or coils) but much wider than the usual 4”, in this case up to 8” in width (a common application for aluminum wire).

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