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TRS - Spry/Wet drawbench

The “TRS” is a “spray” type wet drawbench, where the lubricant is “sprayed” onto the die and die box and onto the capstan. This range is ideal for both ferrous and non-ferrous wires and Its reduced footprint, easily accessible parts and components, not only offer cost savings in terms of floorspace and labour (operation and maintenance), but are an important aid in decreasing downtime and consequently increasing productivity. High productivity and a better final wire quality coupled with features such as perfect alignment of wire between die and capstan as well as low energy consumption due to a “state of the art” electronic control of motor and line operation go to ensure one of the most advanced drawing solutions available on the market.

The main features are:

- Reduced die and capstan wear.

- Mechanical line speed reaches 33 meters/second.

- Fixed or rotating dies.

- Rotating die speed varies in proportion to line speed.

- Each block can be bypassed.

- Synchronization by means of dancer arm.

- Input wire diameter starts at 2,00mm (steel wire) or 3,00mm with wire aluminum wire.

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